Liquore Store

Our newly expanded Liquor Store is now open.

We carry a large selection of liquors, wines, and beers for your convenience.

Our Liquore Store is open everyday when the restaurant is open.

Our prices are competitive, good variety of selections, and conveniently located.

Now, you don't have to travel far to get your favorite wines, spirits, and beers.

About Us

Our History

Patriots Crossing is an indepedently operated tavern and wineshop. We open in May 2012 to serve the coomunities of Upper Makefield, Hopewell Township, Mercer County and Bucks County and beyond. It is our honor to operate our business in this historic tavern built on the site where our forefathers fought for the establishment of our great nation. It's one of the reasons we are open on Christmas Day so that reinactors of the historic event of "Washington crossing the Delaware" have a place to warm their bones and celebrate one of the great victories of our nation.

As an independent operator we always strived to serve our customers better. We love to hear from you on what we are doing right and, more importantly, to hear what we can improve. Your comments are appreciated. Your contact information will never be shared with a marketer.